Support Luqman Onikosi at his Immigration Tribunal in London on Friday 23rd August

University of Sussex alumni and Brighton migrant-rights campaigner, Luqman Onikosi. Photograph: The Tab.

Luqman Onikosi is an alumni of the University of Sussex and a well-known Brighton community campaigner and volunteer for numerous causes.

Luqman applied to stay in the UK on medical grounds after being diagnosed with Hepatitis B and chronic liver disease while studying at the University of Sussex. His health conditions – which are fatal if left untreated – claimed the lives of his two brothers in Nigeria, where medical support for this condition is not available.

Luqman has explored all available possibilities for treatment in Nigeria to no avail. Dr C. I. Anyanwu, a virology specialist, confirming in evidence submitted to the court hearing that ‘there is no definitive treatment available for the level of his condition he is experiencing in Nigeria at present.’

Being forced to return to Nigeria would be a death sentence for Luqman. The many years of waiting for a positive outcome from the Home Office has exacerbated Luqman’s mental and physical health.

Over 7,500 people signed a petition requesting the Home Office grant Luqman ‘Leave to Remain,’ and his case has been backed by high profile figures such as Noam Chomsky and academics from across the UK.

Now Luqman’s friends and supporters are hoping that a Home Office decision to remove Luqman from the country will be overturned, after he won the right to appeal his case before a judge. The Campaign to Stop the Deportation of Luqman Onikosi have informed us that Luqman is due back for a immigration tribunal hearing on Friday 23rd August, 9AM at Taylor House, 88 Rosebery Ave, Islington, London EC1R 4QU. If you are in the London area, please come and support Luqman at this critical juncture with his case. Luqman’s supporters have asked that you come exactly at 9AM to Taylor House.

From our workshop at Reclaim the Power’s Power Beyond Borders were participants held up signs in solidarity with Luqman Onikosi.

For those unable to be in London on the day, Unis Resist Border Controls (URBC) is asking our followers to show their solidarity and support for Luqman at this crucial period. With the support of The Campaign to Stop the Deportation of Luqman Onikosi, we are asking you to take part in our selfie protest action on Twitter on Thursday 22nd August from 7pm-9pm.

To take part in our twitter storm, please do the following:

1. Print or download our sign.
2. Take a selfie photo with printed sign or downloaded sign on your devise.
3. Tweet photo to the following addresses: @UnisNotBorders @BriMigSol &
@ukhomeoffice using the hashags: #LetLuqmanStay and #DontDeportLuqman

Let’s make sure that we send a strong message to the Home Office that Luqman belongs here in the UK with his friends! All disabled migrants have a right to remain in the UK and should not have their disability and/or health condition be used against them by the Home Office. No disabled migrant should be deported to countries where they could die as a result of a lack of resources.

Support a talented PhD researcher fighting for her family to remain in the UK!

Adriana Ortega-Zeifert with her three daughters.

Adriana Ortega-Zeifert is an international student from Mexico who came to the United Kingdom in April 2010 to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering & Analytical Science at the University of Manchester, having been awarded a scholarship to pursue her groundbreaking research.

However, Adriana was forced to take an interruption from her PhD studies as a result of mental health issues brought on by years of sexual, emotional, financial abuse and parental alienation at the hands of her ex-partner while he was also a PhD student at the University of Manchester.

Because of her severe depression, PTSD and the side effects of antidepressant sertraline, Adriana failed to complete sending her second extension visa application to the Home Office. As a result, the University of Manchester withdrew her from her PhD studies.

Compounding matters, Adriana has been instructed by family court that her three daughters must return to Mexico to visit her ex-partner. As a result of the hostile environment policy, if the children are forced to visit their father, it will make it very difficult for them to return to the UK. Family courts have ruled that if her daughters fail to return to Mexico before the end of Thursday 8th August 2019, Adriana could be imprisoned in the UK. Adriana’s three daughters are exceptional and academically gifted students who have given so much to the Manchester community. The children want to remain in Manchester with their mother and visit Mexico once they have permission to stay in UK. If they are forced to return to Mexico, there is no way that they would be allowed to re-enter the UK to be with their mother.

Adriana is a talented academic and independent woman who is being stifled by bureaucratic laws in addition to the hostile environment policy that creates real barriers for migrant women to gain justice. As she comments:

“The British government criticises other countries who institute misogynistic policies and laws. Yet, when it comes to the situation of migrant women who have endured sexual, emotional, psychological, and financial abuse inside the UK, our struggle is trivialised and we are criminalised for speaking out and stopping violence at the hands of our ex-partners. The court system sides with abusers instead of doing a proper investigation and giving support to survivors of violence like myself. It is emotionally hurtful, stressful and denigrating to be re-victimised by the family courts and the Home Office. All I want is safety for myself and my three children. I want to be able to finish my groundbreaking academic work and use this research to help others.”

What you can do to support Adriana:

Unis Resist Border Controls (URBC) urges supporters to sign and share our statement to be sent to Prime Minster Boris Johnson, Secretary of State Priti Patel, Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, Shadow Secretary of State Diane Abbott and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Manchester, Dame Nancy Rothwell that you can access here.

We also urge you to sign Adriana’s petition.

Let’s use our collective voices to ensure that Adriana and three daughters are able to remain in the UK so that they can live in safety. We want to see Adriana be able to finish her important and much needed research.

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The Hostile Environment Policy has extended the border into UK universities

The ‘hostile environment policy’  is the anti-migrant policy announced by then-Home Secretary Theresa May in 2012, though effectively in place for years previously. The policy extends border policing into universities, healthcare, schools, and other sectors, forcing workers in those sectors to enforce immigration policy. In universities, the Home Office issues directives about its policies toward international staff and students, and university management understand these directives as ‘statutory duties’ with which they must ‘comply’. Student records offices and HR departments then develop local policies and present them to staff and students as if they were created by the Home Office.

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