November URBC Workshops

For November 2019, Unis Resist Border Controls (URBC), will be giving workshops and talks in Leicester, Birmingham, and Bath.

As part of our commitment to educational outreach around border controls and the hostile environment policy inside UK higher education, for over three years URBC has given our resistance workshops at a number of universities, DIY spaces and conferences on opposing and ending the hostile environment policy.

In our resistant workshop, participants explore through different exercises how non-EU and EU migrants have been used by the Home Office and higher education institutions to create visible and invisible barriers. These barriers leave migrant students, lecturers, and university workers vulnerable to institutional racism and xenophobia, housing discrimination, health discrimination, the changing landscape of immigration laws, job precarity, disability, policing, UKVI surveillance, gendered violence and poverty. We will draw on examples of previous and existing case work of how border controls function inside UK higher education.

On Thursday 7th November 2019, URBC will be holding a resistance workshop at the University of Leicester, from 2pm-4pm, 2nd Floor, Charles Wilson Belvoir Park Annexe.

Details can be found on Facebook:

On Thursday 21st November URBC will be speaking at Borders, Refugees, Solidarity, Resistance taking place at the Murray Learning Centre, LG 14, University of Birmingham hosted by Capital and Class/CSE Midlands.

This workshop aims to bridge the gap between academia and activism in relation to these questions of borders, refugees, solidarity, and resistance. It brings together researchers, practitioners and activists around a shared goal of both highlighting, and resisting, the damaging effect of Britain’s ever-worsening border regime.


5.00 Introduction and welcome

5.05 Speakers

Tendayi Bloom, University of Birmingham, Why can some people move freely, while others’ movement is controlled? Thoughts about the global governance of migration

Gaja Maestri, Aston University, Exploring refugee solidarity: motivations, meanings and tensions

Yajur Arora and Hanna Ellis, Docs not Cops, University of Birmingham Medical School, The challenges of accessing healthcare for “Illegal” and vulnerable migrants

Sanaz Raji, Unis Resist Border Controls, The impact of the border regime in Universities and initiatives to resist border controls

5.35 Workshop discussion highlighting solidarity initiatives we can focus on in Birmingham

6.10 Closing discussion, feedback and ideas for future activities

6.30 END

Finally, on Wednesday 27th November, URBC will be giving it’s last workshop of the autumn term at University of Bath, Room 1W 2.102. This workshop is a jointly hosted event between UCU Bath and URBC.

Details for joint UCU Bath & URBC workshop can be found on Facebook:

Are you a UCU or student group interested in issues related to anti-racist actions, migrant right’s and decolonising work? Book us for an workshop. Contact us at: UnisResistBorderControls [AT] Gmail [DOT] Com.

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